Monday, February 03, 2003

yo man.. realised how class stuff can suck so much so long ago but juz gonna bitch abt it nowz.. wadda hell lors.. stupid food and fn fair's givin me a headache. class cant decide wad to do and wad to make. correction. dey r not giving any suggestions. at all. except for a handful whom im eternally grateful for. and den.. there's still e skit. stupid skit. vanessa's in charge of it which means tt she wun haf much time left to help me wif t fair. sad.. and there's sum shit person tt im really feel like bashing up and grinding into tt meatball tt she alr is. oh yea and our dumbass form teachers giving us stupid suggestions which shows tt she doesn't even noe wadda hell we r discussing abt in class.. tok abt not paying attn.. shit lar!! juz kena scolded cuz i din off e lights in my room. i mean pls lorss.. LIGHTS!? who gives a damn abt e lights. if u've been to my hse u'd noe tt there's tis light at e main door tt's on 24-7. so wad's e prob? heh.. most prob juz getting on wif age kinda thing..haiz.. headache..